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Receive the benefits of Traditional Chinese Therapy, whether you need to release stress and body tension or fix a health problem.

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✓ Lack of Energy   Anxiety    Arthritis    Joint Pain    Muscle Pain    Headaches    High Blood Pressure    High Cholesterol    Low T    Female Problems ✓ Drug Addiction ✓ Alcohol Addiction

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Our knowledge of traditional Chinese Healing, health promoting techniques, natural plant and herbal remedies and potions, teas and soups is extensive. Many of our remedies have been passed down through the generations of our family.

(世世代代 Shì shìdài dài – “From Generation To Generation”)

Chinese Medicine Lady Also Specializes In Addiction Therapy

Substance abuse comes in many forms, but the common denominator is the fact that you can’t stop and you need help.

We have a special treatment program to help you with your addiction and we can deliver care for the best possible outcomes for recovery.

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Two types of traditional Chinese massage exist – Tuina which focuses on pushing, stretching and kneading the muscle and Zhi Ya which focuses on pinching and pressing at acupressure points.

Both are used to protect health and build up body immunity, so that disease can be stopped in its beginnings.


Moxibustion is a powerful form of therapy which, when applied correctly, can stimulate the body’s own healing potential.

If you are interested in the ancient medicine of Asia, you may want to receive a treatment in order to experience for yourself the wonderful healing effects of moxibustion.


Chinese Cupping and/or Hot Cupping (拔罐 Ba guan) has been part of Chinese Massage for thousands of years.

The non-invasive techniques is a way to isolate and help remove toxins from the body, and improve muscular problems. It increases blood circulation & heightens the flow of Qi.


For thousands of years, TCM practitioners have studied and employed a vast array of medicinal herbs for their healing properties.

Our herbal laboratory has over 300 therapeutic herbs, all of which have been proven safe and effective through centuries of use.

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About Us

The Chinese Health Center, located in Chatsworth, CA is the only therapeutic center in the San Fernando Valley practicing the Ancient Art of Authentic & Traditional Chinese Therapies.

We use a combination of Modalities that are indicated for each individual depending upon their initial presenting problems.

We can treat and help symptoms related to a variety of illnesses and conditions including, joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety, depression, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, reactions to Chemotherapy, cancer pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual pain, menopause, breast nodulesobesity, common cold, allergies, asthma, lack of energy and much more.

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What our customers say about us

Lydia is a true healer in the real sense of the word.  I originally went to see her several years ago for osteoarthritis in my left knee.

Two orthopedic surgeons wanted to do knee replacement surgery.  I was in a great deal of pain and walking with a cane.

Through her treatments and Chinese herbs, she saved my knee and I have been doing fine.

Linda J.

Had a terrible bout of asthma flare up that lasted two months. Was on oral steroids, Singulair, Symbicort but still feeling symptoms on and off.

Recommended to Lydia and decided to give it a try. After just a few days of taking her herbs and treatments, I was symptom free.

I felt better in 5 days on her treatment than the two months on all these other meds. Her treatment is very effective and she is very personable.

Charles D.

I have been going to Lydia on and off for 12 years or so and I have been consistently pleased and impressed with her treatment.

About 10 years ago I saw her for Still’s Disease, which is a debilitating autoimmune disease related to rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. I was so sick, I honestly thought I would never be able to work again!

Many people with Still’s Disease stay on low-dose chemotherapy for years and some even end up in wheelchairs. My western doctor told me I would probably be on prednisone for the rest of my life, so I said forget that and went to Lydia.

I went into complete remission after about 6 months of treatment from her and have remained free of symptoms ever since! As far as I can tell, this is very rare for people who have that disease.

Gene K.
* Lydia has been training since the age of 8 in China and here in the United States. Her knowledge of traditional Chinese Healing and health promoting techniques and natural plant and herbal remedies, potions, teas and soups is extensive. Many of her remedies have been passed down to her through the generations of her family.

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